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Great Things Are Happening!

Wow, what a year?!? Here I am a teacher on Summer Break. Loafing around collecting money according to so many, HA! Meanwhile, I have spent most of the last few days finishing a certification class for the Canvas LMS, designing my fall Canvas classrooms using Canva, and working on this site I started last spring. I really want a place to be able to send people when they need help. That is my goal for this website.

I spent quite a bit of 2020-2021 presenting to local regional school districts. I presented on a lot of different technology topics from building a Bitmoji Classroom to finding your happiness as an educator in this crazy world we are in. I am hoping to continue giving professional developments in the years to come!

In time, this site will grow and change, just like me. I am a self professed lover of education! I love to teach and learn. I just wrapped up a certificate in Web-Based Teaching. I am looking into PhD, EdD, or EdS degrees... but I need to find the right one and determine where that will fall into my life.

Keep checking in to see what I am working on. If you need help, have ideas, or want to chat follow me on social media.

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